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2018 Nationals Triathlon - Competition Guidelines

 2017 Overall Triathlon Results 

Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival


The 2018 Nationals Triathlon championship will be offered as part of the Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival, which has been a feature event on the Australian Triathlon Calendar for over 25 years. Both men's, women's and tag team divisions are available. This year's event will be held on Sunday, 11 March. The competition will be an Olympic distance event:

  • Swim 1.5km
  • Cycle 40km
  • Run 10km

Registration will take place via the external event provider's website. Make sure you tick the AUS Nationals Triathlon checkbox and enter your university name and student number to ensure your results count!

Tag team particpants all need to be enrolled at the same university to be eligible for the championship. Only men's and women's teams are eligible in 2018. 

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